Actuators are the thrust behind all web guiding applications. From unwind to rewind, whether manipulating a guide structure, positioning a sensor, or chasing equipment and/or webs; the thrust, speed, stroke, and precision of the actuator (hydraulic or electromechanical) must meet or exceed your process to ensure the results you need.

A Fife electromechanical (EM) actuator gives you the power to control your process. EM actuators provide accuracy and simplicity through clean, electronic operation while eliminating the continuous maintenance and upkeep required using hydraulic cylinder operation. With a wide variety of thrust, speed, and stroke models available, you have the flexibility to solve even the most demanding applications. All Fife EM actuators utilize a ball screw and nut design for low-friction, efficient operation. This also eliminates typical end of stroke sticking and/or the need for actuator limit switches.

EM actuators are sized and configured to your requirements. Shiftable load ranges are from 750 lbs to 21,000 lbs (340 kg to 9,525 kg) with maximum shifting speeds ranging from 1.25 inch/sec to 0.55 inch/sec (51 mm/sec to 15 mm/sec). Whether your needs require clevis, spherical rod end bearing, or rectangular flange-type mountings, configurations are available according to your specifications.

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