Fife Power Unit

Fife power units are designed for web guiding systems. They are suitable for most web materials and load requirements.  Two basic types of power units are provided: pneumohydraulic and electrohydraulic. The type and size of a power unit required is determined by the sensor(s) selected and the hydraulic fluid pressure requirements for the hydraulic work cylinder(s). The work cylinders are usually attached to web guide structures, but can also be attached to other devices such as sensor positioners and unwind/rewind stands. All Fife power units are equipped with their own hydraulic reservoir, pump, filter, and relief valve.

Modular construction with subplate mounting of components minimizes exterior tubing and provides maximum ease of servicing. Additional hydraulic ports are supplied on all units for use as auxiliary hydraulic power for optional Fife equipment.  Some models can be provided for single, double, or triple guiding installations by utilizing one or more servo valves on a single power unit. There are many advantages in having one power unit controlling more than one guide. The biggest advantage is cost savings. Selection of an air or electronic sensor will dictate whether a pneumohydraulic or electrohydraulic power unit is required.

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