Inprint Video Web Inspection

Fife InPrint Video Web Inspection

InPrint - Video Web Inspection System

The InPrint video inspection system is a unique, all-in-one web viewer, integrating the camera, control panel, and microprocessor into a single, compact, industrial grade (IP40) housing. This system delivers unmatched resolution and reliability in applications where print quality is closely monitored and press space is limited.

InPrint is easily integrated into any printing press. All cables have connection on both ends to simplify the wiring process. 24x zoom (9x optical, 2.67x digital) and advanced features allow for prompt detection of the smallest variations in print or register settings, so they can be corrected before they appear on the final product. A high performance imager maintains an optimized resolution of 800 x 600 pixels at a refresh rate of 72 Hz, delivering an image that is unmatched in sharpness and reliability

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
    Ideal for narrow web and wide web presses
    17 inch S VGA color monitor included with system
    Camera – high resolution RGB imaging with 30-bit color resolution
    Split screen- visual image comparison
    Auto Scroll – for the inspection of the entire repeat length
    Freeze – locks the image shown on the monitor


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