At S.A.S Technical Services Ltd. we have the expertise to handle your Magpowr service needs, including magnetic particle brakes and clutches.

We stock a variety of parts and components for Magpowr systems.  Having the parts available in-house shortens your wait time, allowing us to send back your repaired equipment faster, therefore getting your production lines up and running sooner.

Magpowr provides tension control solutions with advanced web tension and torque control technologies for the web handling industry.  The industry chooses Magpowr above others as the preferred brand for tension control systems. With over 40 years of experience providing high quality tension control solutions, Magpowr has earned the right to declare that they are one of the best!

S.A.S Technical Services Ltd. also provides other Parts and Services for Magpowr products.  Give us a call with your product list and we will provide you with options for Service and/or replacement.



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