Optical Alignment

S.A.S Technical Services Ltd. offers Optical Alignment Services.  Optical Alignment refers to taking mechanical measurements with optical tooling. We use precision optical instruments fitted with tooling accessories and specialty targeting fixtures.  Our instruments are manufactured by WILD/LEICA as well as BRUNSON and K&E. 


Our Optical Alignment services include:

Optical Surveying of existing equipment including Slitter Knives 

Alignment of rollers and other rotating equipment

Drive Systems – including motor couplings, shafts and gearboxes which we can check for alignment conditions


Why is alignment important and what are the benefits of having your machine surveyed to check alignment? 

Optical Alignment can provide answers with precise accuracy to the questions – Is it straight? Is it level? Is it plumb? Is it square?

Optimizing shaft alignment eliminates machinery problems

Optical Alignment provides significant improvement in the operating alignment accuracy


Applications of Optical Alignment Include:

Aligning Slitter Knifes  | Setting Rolls Level and Parallel | Aligning Bearings and Seal Bores | Levelling Base & Sole Plates | Checking Flatness | Aligning and Levelling Machine Cases | Measuring Mal Growth | Measuring Static Deflection

 As well as providing optimal optical services, S.A.S Technical Services Ltd.  has the experienced Millwright technicians with extensive mechanical knowledge that can troubleshoot mechanical issues as well as repair them for you.

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