S.A.S Technical Services Ltd. offers expert and reliable Service to the Tidland “C” Series and the newer “Performance” Series knifeholders.  Each knifeholder is completely disassembled, inspected and any worn parts are replaced with genuine Tidland components.

In addition to replacing all “O” rings, we also replace poppets, diaphragms, plugs, return springs, centering pins, bearings and rod guide bushings.  Each knifeholder is tested and set to meet factory specifications.  All Service is quoted prior to proceeding and you can expect your knifeholder back in service within two to three weeks.

Tidland provides Slitting and Winding solutions for the web handling industry, providing the most effective slitting and winding products on the market today. Products include an innovative line of standard and ergonomic core shafts, differential winding shafts, reel spools, air chucks, Boschert safety chucks, pneumatic and electronic knifeholders and slitting systems.

We also provide Service to other Tidland products.  Please call us with your product list and we will provide you with options for Service and/or replacements.



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